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The tension rise up gave me shivers, the art made it look verry stylish and the mystery behind it make you wonder what happens next .

Great job elfman ! I wish tou the best of luck in the finals !

Emrox responds:

Thanks man. Promise me you'll join next year :3

Elfman, youre amazing! I love how you kept the style from the last one and beefed it up a notch.
Great work ! Smooth, slick and sexy . The paneling in one of the scenes looks really well directed !

Good luck in next rounds !

Emrox responds:

Thankya, good sir.

Wow, this was really cool !
I really like the transitions between the rainy and sunny weather.
Also the to keep the frame so small is brilliant ! The story is great too ! Although you should emphasise the ending and make it a little bit more noticable. If the title was misleading I wouldnt understand the ending of the movie.

all in all, Great work !

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Reminds me a lot of little big planet. although the levels are a bit hard (if you never played this type of game before)

By the way I found a small bug.
When you fire a doll the score depletes
But when you reach 0 points you can keep clicking and the score will start increasing.

A clone ?

Ok. Dont you guys smell anything fishy about this game ?

Is it just me or its art style, brawler gameplay, power ups are VERY simmilar to the epic game we all know "Larry and The Gnomes" Yes i understand that games may sometimes be simmilar or influenced by the same idea i still think its a clone.

On the other hand the game it self is fun and (as every game) addicting. It keeps you in for the exact amount of time nessecary to complete it and get all the medals.

I cant say anything about the art style except its GREAT.
The soundtrack is perfectly themed and catches your ear.

Why a 7 ? Becouse i think "Super Playboy" was too influenced by "Larry and The Gnomes" which makes the whole concept kinda blunt and over used.

More Glitches

IMPORTANT: Ive discovered a not so very awesome glitch wich coused Pico to run to the left side of the corridor in level one an get invunerable for an endless amount of time. I supose eating a cake coused it cause at the moment i was wondering off screen.

The game it self is not realy bad. The graphics and the art stile are outstanding. Level design is just great. But there are a few thing which i realy didint like.

For instance, the aiming system is just slow and clumsy. It's hard to aim at enemies which are below you or on a higher level of terrain. I think the reason you made it that way was to make the game more difficult though changing it to a mouse based aim would make it just too simple.

The music is very good. Im not in to Techno, D n B or any other type of such music but it fits the pace of the game well. P.S. I just love Paragon's music ^_^.

The verdict is : 9_ _ - nine with two mono rails under it just because of the glitches and slow and clumsy aim...

Torrunt responds:

Yeah, i had the eating glitch happen to me once but i have no idea what actually causes it, i'll have to have to do some debugging later. The aiming system is not very good but you just gotta learn/make up some techniques for the different levels; in a lot of levels i just jump up repeatedly (to dodge bullets), tap down and shoot which seems to work in a lot of situations.
A lot of the gameplay didn't get tested and manipulated a lot since we were running really low on time, only had 2 weeks to program this whole thing from scratch.

Thanks for the review :D Maybe if enough people complain about the aiming i'll try to make it more smooth and easy.

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Heh, cought my ear

You guys deserve to be on the top pages of the audio portal page ^____^

I honestly dont play in a band yet but i hope to make something like this too :)

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All that horrible chicken scratch

Love the way he portrays the effect of drugs. Although no doubt the artist finds it appealing himself.
Great series, loughable too :3


Seeing Meat Boy ramming Dr. Fetus like that would be simply awesome !!!
(Check out my fan art too)

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