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Entry #18

Plans for the future

2013-05-21 07:37:22 by Garux

It's been over 2 years since the last time I took flash seriously. I guess it was something that I did on impulse and was driven by the idea of how amazing it was to make animation. But dude to lack of skill I wandered off into drawing eventually abandoning flash completely.

In this post I would really like to thank Emrox for being there on a couple of occasions and having fairly short conversations concerning flash and basically conversations of motivation. Even though I promised you to attend NATA I just simply couldnt afford the time to do it. Life does it's things and your priorities change according to the situation. Now I'm really indulged in music. And this is what I'm going to do from now on. And even bublish it here on NG.

But firstly I think I might just keep at least my one last promise. To re-make an anmiation which has been long forgotten. I've improoved as an artist just slightly but enough to make it a lot better than it was.

And well I'm going to upload a couple of sketches I did a while ago just to erase that silly childish past of mine.

Basically this is a self reminder.
Thank you if you read it.


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